Intervista 2023 a EDUARDO RODRÍGUEZ RETUERTA Intrepid Travel

My name is Eduardo, Edu, and I work for Intrepid Travel, the largest small tour operator in the world! I take care of hotel contacts, activities, transport, age. in Italy. I had a wonderful time here, I took part in a fam trip to this not so well known area in Italy, Emilia Romagna. I gained about 4 kilos in the last three days, visited 'hidden' destinations like Dozza, Spilamberto..A wonderful stay and I will absolutely recommend people to come here, I will do my best to bring many people to discover the beauty of these territories. Great contacts, a lovely workshop location! I hope to see you again next year because it was a very worthwhile experience. I met great friends, a wonderful acquaintance and several partnerships for the future

avatar Eduardo Rodríguez Retuerta
Eduardo Rodríguez Retuerta