Intervista 2023 a ROSE' BESENZONI Italy Destination by Valtours

My name is Rosè Besenzoni and I am the owner of a DMC - Italy Destination by Paltours. We are two agencies, a traditional travel agency - Paltours - that deals with business travel and outgoing tourism and an agency - Italy Destination - that deals with incoming tourism from all over the world, mainly to Franciacorta, but also to the whole of Italy. Everything went very well, because it was very well organised, not very crowded as on other occasions. There are quality buyers and, above all, they come from all over the world, so it gives the possibility of opening up to more markets because our main markets are the United States, Canada and Switzerland, but here you find many agencies from Northern Europe, South America and so a very very positive impression. Because here in Italy we have everything, we have artistic and historical beauty, and above all, which is the feedback of many travellers, our cuisine, the food in Italy is certainly, among the excellences, the motor that drives tourists to visit our country.

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Rosè Besenzoni
Italy Destination by Paltours